Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NC30: A Picture

I don't have a fun picture nor something that would probably wow all of you. But I just want to share what I have been doing lately. I discovered writing in my native language (Tagalog) and I find it more relaxing and fun. Not that I don't like writing in English. It is just easier for me to relay my thoughts in my own language.

Anyway I have been busy writing most of my thoughts in my very own - Tagalog Blog.

Pano Ba Mag-Blog Screen Shot

Blog Name:  Pano ba mag-blog? (how to blog?)

It is not much and most of you may not relate. For one, I do not expect everyone to understand Tagalog. I just feel it is an accomplishment. Filipinos are very critical and particular when it comes to spelling, to grammar, punctuations, pronunciations, etc...That's probably why we are conscious. We don't like talking in English. We're too critical of ourselves.

This site actually is an outlet for me to vent and to push myself to write... in English. So, blogging in Tagalog is a relief. I thought writing in Tagalog would be a breeze, apparently not. I write in English most of the time, that I go blank writing in Tagalog. But enough of that.

I am just happy that I finally get to speak my mind in whatever language. Being bilingual really has its perks! :)

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