Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Great What's: What is your favorite room in your home and why?

My favorite room…  hmmmm... I wanted to say the bedroom but then, I thought about watching TV so I say the living room and then, I wanted to get something to eat, so I need the kitchen. LOL!

I do not really have a particular favorite room but I spend most of my time in the living room. I love watching TV and since the TV is in the living area, I go there. I know that I should spend my time doing something productive so I try to catch a glimpse of the news on TV or in the internet with the TV still on. I like internet surfing and our computer is in the living area… again, the living room.

I am not really a TV addict although, I know so much about TV shows but I guess it is a matter of balance. Balance in the sense, that you still know what to do and would be able to give up TV time and do it.

I still read, quite a few pages of my summer reading books plan on my iPod while waiting for other mates for transport in the bus. I still write my blog, eventhough it is not as frequent as before, whenever I get the chance and have my computer in the living area anyway.

The room I am most comfortable with is the living area. I can sleep there, eat there, watch TV there, exercise, internet surf, read, etc.… all in one room.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great What's: What is something you do well?

I’m not really sure. I do not think I excel in anything particular, not even in organizing stuff. But whatever it is, I try to do the best at whatever it is I am doing. Sometimes, it is a burden since you want everything to go out smooth and well. Obviously, not everything is perfect.

I like keeping stuff the way it is. I am not a messy person but I am most certainly not very neat. I still leave remnants of stuff I don’t actually use around and it is hard for me to let go. I cannot say I am hoarder since I do not buy that many stuff. As a matter of fact, I do not like shopping. I only go the mall if I need something or if my mom and I happen to be bored.

I do not think it is a waste to buy stuff you like / love. I do not consider myself too attached to the things I buy. It doesn’t define me. But I do not like to let go either, which is ironic. If I do not care that much about my stuff, why wouldn’t I want to let it go?

Anyway, according to others, I excel in organizing stuff. I just like things in order and in place. I want it proportion. As for letters, I like it impeccable. Of course, mistakes happen and then you have to redo it again. I am very critical of myself. I just like things pretty, I want order, I want things organize, even if I’m not.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Great What's: What is something you dislike about yourself?

I guess I have answered it before. From my previous posts, I don't like procrastination, among anything. I keep putting things off for later and then cram as soon as I realize I should  have done it sooner.

I just find that I could have achieved my goals sooner if I didn't procrastinate. I probably am not where I am right now. But then again, there maybe something in store for me and it is not the time yet... hmmm..

Another thing that I dislike about myself is my LOOKS. I admit I am not the most attractive person in the world, not the smartest, not even the most intelligent. I have tons of flaws. Who doesn't? I have screwed up big time and so many times.

But I have become a-peace with the thought that I am not the "most" of anything. I believe that when someone likes me, they like me... no strings attached. They just really like me. There's always going to be somebody much more than me with regards to looks and characteristics. But I will always love myself. 

God made me this way. I do not feel sorry for myself anymore. At least now, I can appreciate and deal with my weaknesses and flaws and work on it. I guess that’s the lesson to everything. There’s always going to be something lacking with you but what you made of yourself with what you have is more important. Don’t you think?

Inspired by the song... "Born this way" by Lady Gaga
I'm beautiful in a way, cause God makes no mistakes. I'm on the right track, baby. I was born this way.