The 30-day Writing Challenge

Are you up to the challenge?

I find it a burden to write everyday, but since I want to improve my writing, I don't have a choice. So in order for me to get inspired everyday, I looked for a 30-day writing challenge and currently trying to stick to it.

I don't feel that my writing is good enough to be professional but this is going to be a start. Thanks to Blogiversity, I found suitable topics that I feel I can accomplish to write everyday. So if you feel the need to write too, try the challenge with me. 

It is never too late to try.

My goal is to write everyday, no lesser than 250 words. I am starting with the topics posted in Blogiversity (30-day Writing Challenge) and then, take another challenge from other sites. I have listed them at the bottom of the page.

Should you want to see the topics I am working on, visit Blogiversity 30-day Writing Challenge. I hope this works out. :)

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