Topics to Write

In light of the recent events, after finishing a course of the 30-day writing challenge from a site, I found the need to look for topics to write about. Although, the links posted below are challenging, I believe I cannot accomplish all of them. I cannot commit to the topics they have posted.

Of course, with the enormous help from Google, I found other sites which I believe can challenge me and you to write everyday. I hope you find these topics interesting and make your way to your own 30-day writing challenge.

Topics from:

CanTeach Writing Prompts.  The site is catered to teachers who are looking for elementary writing prompts, which I think is applicable to any age. I guess.

Creative Writing Prompts.  The site is actually easy to follow. But hey, if it helps improve your writing and help you make your way to the world of professional writing, I'll consider it.  This is more than 30 days though. I guess you can call it the "more-than 30-day writing challenge". LOL! :))

Writer's Digest - Writing Prompts.  As their slogan goes:  "Write Better, Get Published".  Isn't that what we all aim for?

I hope you take the challenge with me.  You can still take the topics from the sites listed below.

Welcome to the 30-day writing challenge. Have fun. :)


Another challenge: (DONE)

Although I am currently writing another 30-day challenge, I have come across another challenge within the same site - The Business by Rebecca Smith. Again, these challenges aren't exactly ours originally but it is a challenge that we have to face and achieved.

Rebecca lined up another 30 topics to do for 30 days from one of her favorite blogsite. I will enumerate the challenge here. (Click here to go to site)

Day 1:  Introduce, recent picture, 15 interesting facts
Day 2:  Meaning behind your blog name
Day 3:  Your first love
Day 4:  Your parents
Day 5:  Your siblings
Day 6:  A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 7:  Favorite movies
Day 8:  A place you've traveled to
Day 9:  A picture of your friends
Day 10:  Something you're afraid of
Day 11:  Favorite TV shows
Day 12:  What you believe
Day 13:  Goals
Day 14:  A picture you love
Day 15:  Bible verse
Day 16:  Dream house
Day 17:  Something you're looking forward to
Day 18:  Something you regret
Day 19:  Something you miss
Day 20:  Nicknames
Day 21:  Picture of yourself
Day 22:  Favorite city
Day 23:  Favorite vacation
Day 24:  Something you've learned
Day 25:  Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
Day 26:  Picture of your family
Day 27:  Pets
Day 28:  Something that stresses you out
Day 29:  3 Wishes
Day 30:  a picture

The topics will challenge me to take a lot of pictures. hmmm.. I am looking forward to these challenges. You know, after 30 days (as soon as I finished my current challenge).  bwahahahahah (evil laugh) - LOL!


20 February 2012

the 30-day challenge from Rainbow Box

Day 1:  A picture of your dream car.
Day 2:  A picture of your favorite movie.
Day 3:  A picture of something you want really badly.
Day 4:  A picture of a person you would want to be on a deserted island with.
Day 5:  A picture of your favorite board game.
Day 6:  A picture of your dream house.
Day 7:  A picture of the background that is on your laptop/desktop.
Day 8:  A picture of a plant/tree/flower.
Day 9:  A picture with you and your mother.
Day 10:  A picture of a random item you own.
Day 11:  A picture of your favorite animal
Day 12:  A picture of your favorite celebrity.
Day 13:  A picture of your best friend(s)
Day 14:  A picture of your favorite fast food place.
Day 15:  A picture of your zodiac sign.
Day 16:  A picture of your favorite outfit.
Day 17:  A picture of your favorite candy.
Day 18:  A picture of the last thing you bought.
Day 19:  A picture of your favorite cartoon character.
Day 20:  A picture of your pet (if you don’t have a pet, a picture of an animal that you want)
Day 21:  A picture of your favorite food and/or drink.
Day 22:  A picture of a meal you created.
Day 23:  A picture of a word you use a lot of.
Day 24:  A picture of your favorite clothing store.
Day 25:  A picture of your favorite hairstyle.
Day 26:  A picture of yourself a year ago.
Day 27:  A picture of someone who makes you laugh the most.
Day 28:  A picture of the person who knows you best.
Day 29:  A picture of your favorite restaurant.
Day 30:  A picture of your countries flag and/or troops

Will Start SOON! :)