Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tumblr Archive: Upcoming Challenge

I got this from the 30-Day Challenge Archive from Tumblr.  My journey starts again as I venture into the new writing challenge before the year 2013 ends. I pray and hope that God will give me the patience and endurance to finish this.  I tend to procrastinate.

Because of my fascination with the sitcom FRIENDS, I found a challenge and went up to it.  Below is the list of topics to write:

F.R.I.E.N.D.S 30-Day Challenge:
  1. Favorite female character.
  2. Favorite male character.
  3. Favorite season.
  4. Favorite moment at the coffee house.
  5. Favorite Phoebe song.
  6. Favorite friendship.
  7. Favorite romantic pairing.
  8. Favorite holiday episode.
  9. Favorite promotional picture of them all gathered.
  10. Favorite casual picture of whole or part of the cast.
  11. Describe what the show means to you.
  12. Tell why you love each one of the characters, giving more detailed explanation about your favorite male and female.
  13. Most good-looking female.
  14. Most good-looking male.
  15. Character with the most beautiful (full) name.
  16. Moment of each character that madeyou laugh the hardest.
  17. Most touching wedding.
  18. Most virtuous character.
  19. Most flawed character.
  20. Character you best relate to.
  21. Best Joey + food moment.
  22. Best Chandler “smoking again” moment.
  23. Best Ross “dinosaur stuff” moment.
  24. Best Monica + cleaning obsession moment.
  25. Best Phoebe “Regina Phalange” moment.
  26. Best Rachel + problems at work (including job interviews) moment.
  27. Most disgraceful situation throughout the series.
  28. Character with the coolest job.
  29. Something you wish had happened, but didn’t.
  30. And finally… Did Ross cheat on Rachel?
((Submitted by godgavemethisdundie))
Hope you can take the challenge with me.  Crossing fingers :P

The challenge afterwards
  • http://thatfrenchhelper.tumblr.com/post/55801491814/challenges-prompts-and-development-sheets
  • http://30daychallenges.net/challenges/info/1

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