Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Great What's: What is something you do well?

I’m not really sure. I do not think I excel in anything particular, not even in organizing stuff. But whatever it is, I try to do the best at whatever it is I am doing. Sometimes, it is a burden since you want everything to go out smooth and well. Obviously, not everything is perfect.

I like keeping stuff the way it is. I am not a messy person but I am most certainly not very neat. I still leave remnants of stuff I don’t actually use around and it is hard for me to let go. I cannot say I am hoarder since I do not buy that many stuff. As a matter of fact, I do not like shopping. I only go the mall if I need something or if my mom and I happen to be bored.

I do not think it is a waste to buy stuff you like / love. I do not consider myself too attached to the things I buy. It doesn’t define me. But I do not like to let go either, which is ironic. If I do not care that much about my stuff, why wouldn’t I want to let it go?

Anyway, according to others, I excel in organizing stuff. I just like things in order and in place. I want it proportion. As for letters, I like it impeccable. Of course, mistakes happen and then you have to redo it again. I am very critical of myself. I just like things pretty, I want order, I want things organize, even if I’m not.

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