Friday, January 20, 2012


Sadly, there really isn't going to be a post on this topic. We used to have pets, back when we still live in the Philippines.

Unfortunately, we can't have pets in our place. Why?

1. We're renting. Some flats don't allow pets and we all wanted to have a dog. So pets are out of the question while renting.

2. There are times when we have to go for holiday. Who will take care of the pets while we're away? That's obviously another concern. I can't just ask anyone else and expect the same care that I / We will provide. It's not going to be the same. It's not going to be okay for us, and most of all for the pet.

3. Clean-up. Another major concern. If you have a pet, expect chaos. That includes the poop, the pet toys, the food, etc. And for us, who live and breathe organization (they even call my brother and my dad "Mr. Clean"), we can't have chaos (as much as possible).

But we also have ranges of pets, transitions and generations of pets way back when. We love pets. We've lived with them, grew up with them and we are hoping to have one when we finally decide to settle (wherever we are).

What are our pets?

On top of the list:  DOGS
We've called our dogs different odd and common names. We even named our dogs PATRICIA... the boy is PAT, the girl is TRICIA. hahahaha! :))

We were also blessed to have adopted CATS, 2 to be exact, but not at the same time. One is named "muning" (the common name for cat)... and Champi, the persian cat.

Since we can't have loud pets in flats and villas, we have managed to take care of fishes. Tank-ful of fishes. All of them have names - based on their appearances.

Anyway, I do hope we get to take care of pets eventually. I know we can't this time but we will eventually. :)

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