Wednesday, January 25, 2012

NC28: Something that Stresses you out

I heard that people can never escape stress. It's part of our lives. Regardless of what you do, there will still be something that will stress you out. It is actually in how you deal with stress that you can be relaxed.

There are obviously times when someone or something pushes my buttons and, as they described it, all hell breaks lose... hahaha! :))

I don't get stress that often. I still keep my cool and control the situation before it controls me.. naks! hahahah! :))

So for the question, what stresses me out? These are:

Over-excited / Overwhelmed people. Honestly, you can't help but feel their stress too. When things have become way too much for them and they feel like breaking down, they want to take you down with them. Neurotic! Crazy! Perfectionist! Attention-Seekers! That's all of them (that's also me).

The best solution is to slap them... hahaha! :)) No, that's not it. Although, I would love to give people a slap on the face once in a while just to get to their senses. Try to keep your cool people and stop annoying other people. You consider yourselves considerate... probably when you are aware of what you are doing.

For example, you got disappointed. You wallow, you indulge and then move on. But for others, they tend to stay in the wallow... and drag people down. You feel miserable, people should feel miserable with me... Get the picture!  

-  Trips and Vacations. Whenever I plan a trip or go for holidays, I already have some things to bring in mind and way of packing. So whenever somebody else makes a big fuzz about how I organize my stuff and how I pack my luggage, I'll be all "BACK-OFF" and go all ninja. Or worse, throw a fit and ask the person to pack it themselves.

- Work, projects and deadline. Who wouldn't be stressed out with this? I hate cramming.

- Money. I have an "irrational" fear of not having any.

What I do when I'm stressed?

- First, take a deep breath. If I feel the need to eat, I'll go buy something to eat. I can't do anything when I'm stressed and I won't be able to finish anything.

- Proper time management. Prioritize my duties and work. Which one most important to the least important? Can I procrastinate over these, etc? That's why I have a to-do list notebook.

- Budget. There are times that you over-budget but at least you know your limit. Knowing the important things to spend on (like bills) helps me monitor my expenses and savings. Helps me save more too.

- Study.  I try to look for free courses online. The irrational fear of not having any money motivates me to study and enhances my skills more. Yup! It really is irrational now.

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