Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Day 2: Something I look forward to in the next 12 months

That’s a bit tricky.  I haven’t made plans for this year.  Most of the time, I write down possible things I want to accomplish this year.  Right now, I got none.   For someone who considers herself a planner, I ran out of plans. 

However, I have always wanted to travel – no particular place.  I just want to explore.  Unfortunately, the hindrance to this very expensive, very tiring endeavor would be the budget and visa.  I can live on a budget, I however, can’t or failed to get visa.

Where do I want to go?
  • Israel – having a Philippine Passport wouldn’t be a problem at this country because of the treaty.  We can go there visa free (apparently!).  Right now, because of political and military unrest, I’m just keeping it on my list, but I won’t go there yet.
  • USA – just to satisfy my curiosity.  I want to find out what the fuzz is about.  I haven’t applied for visa yet. 
  • Europe - I have a lot of European and American friends, and I can’t relate whenever they talk about their hometowns.  I just want to find out what’s great there.  NO VISA Yet.
  • Southeast Asia – the budget nor time wouldn’t permit me to explore more of the Southeast Asia.  I haven’t even gone around my home country, let alone other countries. :(
  • The Philippines – I need to go out of town more… and I hope to challenge myself to explore as much as I can with the budget I have.

So if there is something I look forward for this year, it's to explore places.  I feel that I am so confined in one location (caged) that I never get to explore other cultures, other events, other places.  I am not adventurous, but it doesn't mean I can’t have fun.

One place at a time, one step at a time... :) Explore more.

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