Thursday, February 26, 2015

Day 3: My Day in details

I don’t want to sound lazy, but my day so far, has been pretty laid back.  It was a slow day.

First, I arrived at my usual time, with the usual traffic (not so much), and parked at my usual spot.  Walked about 5 minutes from the parking area to my office, and switched my computer on.

After a while, I found out that, the computer update they did the past few days, did not include installation of the new scanner’s software.  So I had to complain to the information systems department about it… for the nth time.  I know, they’re sick of me.

A colleague dropped by my office and talked about her day, generally.  It was nothing unusual, except we’re all waiting for her to give birth to the newest addition to her family.  We also discussed dilemmas at work, her problems about child care and babysitting, and going back to work should the maternity leave expires.  In short, what to do next?

During this time, my bosses came by and saw us, gave usual greetings, and made me do my work for a while.  I also managed to squeeze greetings and short chat with my Mom in Manila.

My colleague and I then went to the cafeteria for lunch.  Had nice chit chats with more colleagues with pretty random stuff; office gossips, visa renewals, passports, accommodation, houses, etc.  That went on for about an hour.

I am now currently back on my desk, letting my fingers do the talking, and describing how I spent the past few hours in details.  I know it should be a day, but the day hasn’t passed yet.

Later, I’ll do a bit more work and run errands until working hours end and the weekend starts… yes!

I will pick up colleagues and drop by to change clothes at home, then do some shopping.  At least they are… I’ll be the errand girl. :P Sip my coffee and think about how my day has been.

Before I hear or read comments about how lazy I am or how awesome my job is… I have to EMPHASIZE, it has been a SLOW, LAID BACK “DAY”.  This is not what’s going on every day.

This is my day so far… how’s yours?

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