Friday, February 27, 2015

Day 4: 25 (No, only 10) Things to do before my next birthday

Hmmm… my birthday isn’t until the 4th of July so, I guess I have plenty of time (or time is short).  However, I don't think I'd be able to do most of this stuff till my birthday, so I'll plan to do this stuff, this year.
  1. I am planning to get my US visa.  So I am applying for one this year.  Again, I just want to find out what the fuzz is about.  It’s more of a challenge for me.  But we’ll see how it goes and if God permits.
  2. Get to do my RadioIodine therapy. I have been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and my doctor recommended I get a radioiodine therapy to normalize my thyroid hormones.  Considering all my symptoms suggests I have Hypothyroidism.  hmmmm...  (done:  January 2015)
  3. Save money.  Honestly, I don't like saving for the sake of saving. I need a goal for motivation.  Although retirement is motivation enough, I am not really that motivated.  Targeting short and consistent goals helps and makes me focus.  My savings are going towards those goals.
  4. Get to do something extreme.  I have always been fascinated by people doing extreme sports, so I want to try something extreme too.  Mind you, they're not cheap so the savings will more likely go towards this.  Extremes like skydiving (which is around $700) and bungee jumping (I don't know how much yet).
  5. Learn more skills.  Aside from the sewing and the baking.  (done Jan - Feb 2015)
  6. Finish a project.  A severe procrastinator,  I need to finish my project (like this one).
  7. Read more.  Got a lot of ebooks I haven't read.. not even the first page.
  8. Watch more movies.  I love movies, but I haven't gone to the cinema for a while.  Nice to be updated.
  9. Attend more church activities.  I laid low on attendance because it came to a point where I was so tired that it became more of a burden than service.
  10. Travel more.  Not travel as in get out of town or country, but at least get out of the house once in a while.  I am such a homebody, I don't go out.  I tend to be with the same group of people and apparently, I need new friends.

That pretty much sums up my goal for this year.

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