Saturday, February 28, 2015

Day 5: 3 Things I like about my personality

To answer this, I have actually taken a personality test.  Not that I don’t know how to describe myself but to further understand what constitutes a personality.  I always thought “personality” is how you assert yourself, but it’s actually deeper than that (from what I’ve understood).

My personality test answered that I am a DIPLOMAT (INFJ) type of personality.  I am assertive, yet emphatic.

Three personalities I like about myself:

Emphatic.  Yes, I am.  But there are times when I feel I don’t really care.  For those who are really close to me, I find myself thinking about them at times.  I tend to feel what they feel even when we’re apart and texted them “how are you?” only to find that there really is something going on in their life.  Telepathic? Maybe… emphatic? Absolutely.

Decisive.  I tend to stick what to what I’ve decided even when it hurts or devastating for me.  I don’t get easily swayed to change my belief or conviction.  I don’t like making promises, especially ones I can’t keep.  So “most of the time”, I do as I say.

Observant.  Highly observant.  This must be why I am emphatic.  I observe people first before I jump into any conversations.  I usually hide in the corners and tend to talk to the same group of people.  If I meet people the first time, I don’t talk too much (right?!), I try to listen to what they say, watch their manners – their hand gestures, the way they walk, the way they stand, and most especially, I look in their eyes (creepy, right?)… But that’s just me.  I gauge a person and make an educated guess based on what I have observed from them.

If there are good sides, there are bad sides to being highly observant, extremely decisive, and overly emphatic.  But that’s another discussion

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