Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 1: Basic Things About Myself

If you have not read my ABOUT page, I suggest you should.  That basically is how I introduce myself.  But if you were to know me on a personal level, there’s more to me than meets the eye, according to others.  Funny, cause I have always thought I’m the “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” type.

You can also check out more about me in my other post, which pretty much describes me.  So now, I’m going to write down some more random things about myself.  (I just can’t get enough of me.. :P)

Basic things about myself:
  • I’m a newbie baker.  I discovered I have this hidden talent fairly recent.  I don’t know if I should keep it hidden, but exploring this talent for the better.  It however makes it easier for me to think of a gift for friends. :P
  • I'm a newbie sewer.  Out of boredom due to my recent therapy, I discovered I can basically sew, on my own... huh!  I made an organizer and a wallet all by myself (will post picture).  I will enhance this and make dresses, skirts, etc.  Fashionista in the making. :P.  
  • I can crochet and cross-stitch.  This I've learned early on - middle school till high school.  Hope I have time to do this stuff.
  • I potentially have OCD (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) – self diagnosed. LOL.  I tend to be very critical and particular when it comes to organization.  I want everything in order.  I want everything to be almost perfect.
  • I’m camera shy.  If you see a picture of me in any of my posts, Kudos to you because I’ve deleted them. :P  I don’t really like posting a my picture nor my friends in public domain.  I hate selfies (that’s just me).  Most of the my Facebook pictures are in groups – no solos.
  • I love to watch DIY shows, cake decorating shows, interior design shows, tiny house designs, etc.  which might be because of my OCD.
  • I’m a frustrated writer, businesswoman, teacher and traveler (because I haven’t done any of this full time or part-time).

You can also find out about me here.

I sure do hope I get to finish this challenge.  Remind me people if I miss anything.

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