Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 10: The Weather


The weather over the past few days were gloomy.  I felt dreadful.  Haze has overwhelmed the whole city.  Dusts everywhere.  It’s scary to drive, because there are times when you can’t see what’s in front of you.

This hasn’t happened in a while.  I have experienced sandstorms and driven through it, but never this intense.

The sandstorm that occurred recently before the haze blew hot air – warm.  Scary whistling air through the windows.  The dusts seeps through the doors’ openings.  No one was outside.  It feels like a ghost town.

After the sandstorm, came chilly wind – indicative that the winter isn’t over, just yet.  But now, the overwhelming haze caused me to feel dread.  The dreary weather continues.

In the horizon, I can’t see the mountains anymore.  The fog covered it.  The sky hasn’t been clear in a few days.  There are brown clouds all over and I can’t even see the sun.  The wind is still chilly, seething and creeping on your skin.  No matter how many times you dusts the dirt of your window, it will still be dirty.

However, I need to shake the feeling of dread.  It feels like something’s about to happen that I don’t know - like something bad.  Then, I heard news of an upcoming storm.  I forgot that this will happen soon.  Don’t want to drive through puddles of rain water or through hail storm while stuck in traffic.  I wish I’m in the safety of our home when this happen.

God keep us safe.

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