Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 9: My Favourite thing to do right now

My favorite thing to do right now?

Sleep.  I am sleep deprived for the past few days and my bed is calling me, considering it’s in the middle of the day, in the office, juggling work and errands.  I can’t just give in to the call of the very comfy chair, shut my eyes, and drift away.

I am not trying to be lazy nor do I give in to the call of the “bed”.  I am just saying, that right now, if you asked me, what’s my favourite thing to do?  I would say, I want to go to sleep.

We have all been there, that dreary feeling - the feeling of laziness, the feeling of relaxation, the call of the wild and the call of the bed.  But hey! Just because they call, doesn’t mean you have to reply.

I got tons of errands at work and at home that needs tending.  My plants are almost dried up and are thirsty again.  The laundry basket piled up with clothes without me realizing it.  I just dumped the clothes and ignore it most of the time. 

The computer and other work related stuff had been sorted.  Some more stuff and reports have to be typed and formatted.  A few more letters to distribute, emails to be replied.  I really need to stay awake and sort this out.

So right now, I have a cup of coffee in hand, prioritizing work (more like procrastinating), and praying not to fall asleep.  This day will be over before I know it.

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