Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 13: Someone I've always wanted to meet

I’m not really fond of showbiz.  I love movies, I love watching them.  Love listening to music and songs.  But as for the artists, I only criticize their work, not their life.  And although, they live a very public life, they are still entitled to a little bit of privacy.

As for politics, I’ve always thought that politics is a dirty game.  In everything, once politics comes in, it becomes chaotic.  Politics and politicians should put order, not chaos.

Who do I want to meet then?  None.  If in the course of the journey here, I happened to meet a celebrity, good for me.  I’m not overly ecstatic about it.  I would tell them I’m their fan.  But I won’t impose.

I used to think I want to meet Oprah or Ellen Degeneres, but somehow, it’s more like, if I meet them great, if not it’s great too.  It feels wishful thinking, but you’ll never know.  I’m keeping and open-mind.

I’m not Catholic, so I’m not keen on seeing the Pope, though I don’t mind meeting him.

I don’t really have this over fascination with celebrities, politicians, or religious leaders.  I like what they do, and I admire their achievements.  I guess I don’t have a hero in mind.  I like that you want to work to change the world.  I’m inspired by a lot of people.  And I like the idea of helping and volunteering.  So maybe that’s what I’m keen to meet – people who’ll give me opportunities to help and volunteer.

But for now, I’m happily content in watching them from afar - in this case, in the comforts of our home, on TV.

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