Monday, March 2, 2015

Day 7: Siblings

My siblings

There are only three of us, and I’m the middle child.  I have an older brother and a younger sister.

My brother and I are very close.  We talked about everything.  He’s very generous, very thoughtful, and very caring.  He might come across as a tough guy or uncaring, but he cares, a lot.  He’s always by himself, however.  He’s the silent wanderer.  He’s not very adventurous but he’s open to it.  He’d love it.  He’s very stingy (hahah!).  But he got sick and eventually, succumb to God’s call to be with Him.  I miss him everyday.

My sister and I used to fight, a lot.  I guess, that’s what sisters do.  We are at each other’s throat and we get compared all the time, which maybe the reason behind our sibling rivalry.  We have the same taste in everything.  I can’t wear her clothes, though.  She’s slender, while I’m voluptuous (ouch!).  But when it comes to accessories, shoes, bags and stuff, we always have the similar likes and eventually, borrow each others’ stuff.  Maybe that’s why I like having sisters – hand-me-downs.

I find my sister and I got closer after our brother’s passing.  We only have each other.  So why waste our time with petty fights?  I like that we have similar taste because I tend to buy stuff that we both would like.  Bags, shoes, accessories, you name it, we both like it.  And the good thing about having the same size feet, we could just wear each other’s shoes.

I know it might be very shallow, but that’s how my sister and I bond.  We now talk about everything that’s going on in our lives.  And I like what we have now.

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