Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 27: What is your vocation? (Why are you here on earth?)

I am still trying to figure out what is my purpose. I know that it has something to do with glorifying God, but how? I still have to figure that out. But until then, I am still working on glorifying God in my own way.

I guess all of us have that purpose, to spread the word of God, to have a deep relationship with Him and to worship Him with all our heart. We all have purpose. At the moment, I see myself helping out my parents, be actively involved in church and work.

Oh yes. I know that God gives blessings and provisions but it does not mean, we have to be in our bums and just wait for his blessings. It may apply to others who give their lives to the Lord but for us, we still need to work. Everything that we have, we must earn. God does not want us to be lazy. That is my opinion.

But for those who do his work, He always extends his providence. He will provide for them. I always complain how we do not have much money. But now, I realize everything we have is a blessing.

God gave us strength and health. We do not have any major diseases or illnesses, which is a blessing from the Lord, a real blessing. Health is wealth indeed. We always have food to eat and even more than we can have. We have jobs. I have traveled. It is a blessing. I am not saying others are not blessed but for me, these experiences are from the Lord and He is continually gives us His blessings and I love that He does that for us.

It is only fitting that my purpose is to continually serve the Lord to the best of my ability and to be able to be faithful to Him, and always seek for His wisdom. After all, He had always provided for us and have kept us safe.

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