Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 29: What WAS your biggest dream in life? (you wanted to do as a kid but no longer can)

I was always fascinated with reporters. I admire that they can execute factual information and that they get to be on TV. I already brushed the idea of becoming an actress. I know I am not that pretty, but who knows. LOL!  Still hoping.

I like that I get to be on TV even if it is just to convey something. I wanted to be popular. I tried to take Journalism as a major. That was before I graduated high school. I could have gotten the opportunity but I guess God wants me to take another course.

We are not that rich so I know that taking Journalism in a prestigious school is burdensome for my parents, especially with two more children who are also studying. So I ended up taking up business.

I did not regret taking up business. In fact, I enjoyed it. I like my classmates who are now my life-long friends, and still are. Besides, I realize that I can still do journalism, but not broadcast journalism. LOL!

I know now that Journalism does not have to be just on TV. The life of a broadcaster, reporter, and other shows are in their writers. So maybe, if my writing is impeccable and up to their standard, I may land a job on TV as a writer, researcher, editor, etc.

My dreams are just diverted. It became broader but it still directs me to my ultimate goal, which is to continually make myself better and write. I love writing and I see myself being a writer. I know, when time comes, I will become a professional writer, with God’s help , of course. :)

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