Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 28: What is your biggest dream in life? (What one great thing do you want to accomplish?)

I guess my biggest dream is to be rich. LOL! I mean, who does not want to be rich, being able to afford pretty much everything you like, travel around the world, and open a lot of opportunities.

There are so many things you can do but being rich kind of distracts you from what God wants you to do. I do not feel that it is bad to have something, pamper yourself once in a while, explore and travel. But I think if becoming rich has become your priority, then it becomes a problem.

Another ultimate dream I have is to work at home. I know! It is not easy. It sounds simple. But it is not easy. I like the idea that I get do still make a living even while at home. I do not want to commute everyday because it is stressful. I still get to be with friends and family, especially if I managed it properly, and I go to work even on house clothes.

I just want to support myself and my family while being with them. I know that working in an office setting also helps you and your family but I chose to be working at home, where for me, is quiet.

That is probably the reason why I like to write. I like the idea that I do something I am passionate about and make a living out of it. Again, I still have to establish myself as a professional writer but I am working on it. I know with God’s help, it will all fall into place. :)

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