Sunday, April 17, 2011

Writing Prompts: Finish this sentence: The best part about writing fiction is...

I found a great site for writing prompts.  They actually sort of train writers to do freelance and get them prepped up for the big world of professional writing.  It is called the Writer’s Digest.

They give advice, writing prompts, tips and sites where they can apply as a writer.  They posts conferences and events that can help writers and build a community.  You can subscribe to their free e-newsletter to get an inside scoop about the newest and most updated trends in professional writing world.

By the way, this is one of the writing prompts posted. 

The best part about writing fiction is:
-         I write so much about a make belief story that I know could happen to me.
-         I can write any characters and make as many of them as I want.
-         I can write a scene from an unknown universe and uncharted territories that I can explore.
-         I can let my imagination go wild.  I can be a cowgirl, a doctor, an actress, an astronaut, a hunter and an adventurer in a wild goose chase. Yup! I can be anyone.
-         I can even project a really, really powerful supernatural power where I can go places I haven’t been.  I can be anywhere and yet still be at the same place at the same time.
-         I can always do the best ending I can ever imagine.

As much as I love fiction, I think I’ll stick with the non-fiction for now. :)

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