Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Truth: Day 10- Someone You Need To Let Go, Or Wish You Didn’t Know

I can't explain why I need to let go of a person from a third person perspective. So just imagine me writing a letter to the one I need to let go... and here goes:


Dear You:

I need to let go of you. I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for you. You have helped me through rough times in my life and I truly appreciate what you did for me. Things haven't come easy. And, the harder we try, the more I know that things really aren't suppose to be.

I never wished not knowing you. I have loved you so much but I do not think it would be enough for me to consider being with you. It hurts. Everytime I realize that, everytime I think about it, it makes me cry. I have been paralyzed. I denied it. I rationalized it but at the end, the answer is still the same.

You have no idea how much I've prayed for things to work out. I have prayed so hard that things will come back again, things will be the same again. I have become another person and I know you did too. Distance had made me stronger.  It had made you vulnerable, however.

I wanted so badly to be you. I never wanted it to end this way. I prayed for my fondness to return, for the feelings to return. When it did, it is short-lived.

You have to understand whenever I am with you, I am genuinely happy. I never wanted the moment to end. But reality is a bitch. Our life isn't bed of roses and the longer I deny, and prolong my delusion, it will still spell "the end". I am truly sorry.

I wish you happiness. I wish you love. I wish for everything you need to be brought to you.


P.S. I am still praying for us.

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