Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Truth: Day 05 - Something you hope to do in your life.

I usually have goals. I don’t know why but I consider myself a planner. I always look at the future and the big picture. I often worry about what would happen a month from now, 6 months from now, next year or in 5 years time.  Some goals are actually quite expensive. Others are just needs.

If there is something I ever hope to accomplish in my life, these are:

-         Have my own home.
A house and lot to be exact. The thing that I have my eye on is in the price range of 1 Million to 3 Million pesos. And if I am ever going to buy it now, it only means, most of my savings and salary will go there as premium payments. Meaning no traveling, no non-sense purchases and no more shopping (or at least, I can only buy the things that I really, really need – nothing else). But this is something I have to think through. Do I really need a home now or not?

-        Traveling.
I have always wanted to travel. I never got the chance because I am scared, as I have indicated in my previous post. I just want to do it while I still can and I can still afford it.

-        Study.
Studying for me is fun. It may be boring for others and stressful, but it is something I kind of look forward into doing again. I’ll probably take up master’s degree.

-         Be a preacher.
I always see myself in the pulpit or teaching others. I probably not have the gift  of preaching  though. Besides, there maybe another way to praise, please and serve God. If God allows it, I know He will find a way to guide me to becoming a preacher.

-        A teacher.
I wanted to teach. Nuff said.

I hope I get to do all of these. :)

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