Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Truth: Day 2 - Something You Love About Yourself

What do I love about myself? I actually do not know. But if there is something that I am sometimes proud of, it is always looking on the bright side. I have managed to brush off things that bothers me and just put it aside. I always have a smile on my face, hiding exactly what I am feeling. Not that there is something major that makes me sad.

I love a good laugh. I mean, real, genuine laugh. I laugh out loud and my friends bare witness to my fondness of a good joke and laugh. My laugh is contagious. You cannot help but laugh whenever I laugh, even if what I'm laughing about isn't exactly funny. Get it? LOL!

See! Even in my posts I manage to have a laugh. And I love it about myself. I never really see things as burdensome. I worry but at the end of the day, I know everything will fall into place and everything will work out fine. That's just how I see things. I realized early that worrying wouldn't get you anywhere. I am fearful. That's why I am often contained. But I know I can overcome.

These perspectives, these philosophies is what I've lived by. I love that I get to know God and that I am experiencing His blessings, provisions, protection and joy.

I love that I am able to see things differently and take things lightly. If there are times that I worry, that's because its human nature and a natural reaction to obstacles. I just know things will work out okay. God will always be with me and He always make me feel alright. And I love that about myself.

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