Thursday, June 23, 2011

Another Challenge: The Business - Thirty Days of Truth

The challenge has now become a burden. It took me a while to finally have the motivation to write again. I just find myself completely blank whenever I face an empty Word Document.

I did try. I am still writing online for as an article writer but not as regular as I want it to be and not in my blog. I guess it become a burden when I realized I am writing something that is not me. That does not reflect me in any way. It is more now of a job than passion.

It wasn’t until a friend of mine took on the challenge and started writing about himself with the 30-day writing challenge. I guess, we all want competition and it motivates us to be the best. I am not saying I am nor am I trying to out-do him. As a matter of fact, I liked what he wrote. I just thought I need to write again, since someone is doing it, same as me.

I found Rebecca Smith’s The Business:  30 days of truth and posted it below. And the challenge for me now is to write the 30 days of truth from the topics draw from her site (Click Here to see topic). Although the topics were also from another site, it is something that everyone can draw inspiration to.

I pray now that I finish the task again. It felt really good to go through the task and finish the race. Nothing beats winning. I hope you go through the challenge with me. You can post your site and I will look at your blog. Regardless, this task is for me. And finishing it is my goal.

God be with me. :)

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