Sunday, November 13, 2011

Missing Links

I have deleted some of the titles here that didn't have any posts.  Doing the usual check-up and maintenance, I guess. It stressed me that there are posts which I haven't gotten the chance to complete. I would probably blame that to the challenge. This had really been a challenge.

When I finally got the nerve and the strength to continue, I lost the links to the topics. Apparently, Blogger was also doing its usual maintenance and check-up too. I forgot to copy the topics and I couldn't go to other blogger links I have posted.

Well, I could see it as a sign to do a new challenge. This challenge just hit me on a personal level that made it hard for me to write anything. I didn't like the topics (you may say). But that's what writers do, they sometimes write what they do not like... ranting!

I hope my way to becoming a writer would eventually be fruitful. But now, I just have to express myself creatively and continue writing! :)

You'll see more of me soon - with pictures.

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