Thursday, November 17, 2011

NC3: Your First Love

Well, everyone's first love is their parents - their mothers in particular. They are our whole world when we were kids. We ask for their permissions when we play around the house or at a friend's place. Our decisions are based on their opinions.

We are all happy whenever our parents take us out for dinner or at our favorite fastfood place. It is really easy for kids to love.

As the years passed, we mature (somewhat) and develop. Our thinking becomes different from our parents and we start to feel something towards opposite sex.

My first love (and last.. i guess) is whom i called Bebekoh (My Baby).  We've been together for as long as I remember.  He is my first boyfriend (more likely the last since we're still together).  I was 17 then.  That's more than a decade ago.

We've been through ups and downs. For those who have been reading this blog, you'll know that I've actually given up our relationship. He hanged on and fought for our relationship. Letting go is never easy.

I guess, its his persistence and our love for each other that reigned. Because no matter what, I know I still love him and he loves me. Our relationship is deeper than what we had before. I hope God blesses it as He has blessed our individual lives. I definitely know, God will bless our lives together. And that's what I'm waiting for.

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