Monday, November 21, 2011

NC7: Favorite Movies

I love watching movies, regardless of genres. And that includes, horror movies.

I have to admit, I feel guilty spending most of my time watching shown on TV. But I can't  help it. I would rather watch movies than read.

Anyway, these are some of my favorite movies in no particular order.  Mind you, these are not all of my favorite. I have several. I just can't think of them at the moment. There's just too much.

1.  Monster's Inc.
2.  Mulan
3.  Brother Bear
4.  Shrek Series
5.  Toy Story
6.  Sindbad (or was it Sinbad)
7.  Ratatouille
8.  Tangled
9.  Megamind
10.  Kung Fu Panda

(will add more)

1.  The Grudge (Japanese Version)
2.  The Ring (Japanese Version)
3.  The Eye (Chinese Version)
4.  Paranormal Activity
5.  Final Destination 1&2 (didn't like the rest of the series)
6.  Nightmare on Elm Street (80s version)
7.  Halloween

1.  Transformers
2.  The Day After Tomorrow
3.  The Core
4.  Close Encounters of the Third Kind
5.  Enemy Mine
6.  Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick (corny-ness but I like it)
7.  the Matrix
8.  Immortals (is it considered Sci-Fi?)

1.  Horrible Bosses
2.  Shaolin Soccer
3.  Dicky Roberts (could be considered)
4.  Stepbrothers
5.  Taxi (American Version)
6.  Blades of Glory
(will add more)

1.  My Sassy Girl (Korean Version)
2.  50 First Dates
3.  The Wedding Singer

1.  Titanic
2.  Pretty Woman

1.  Harry Potter
2.  Lord of the Rings
3.  Sense and Sensibility
4.  Chronicles of Narnia

will add some more when I get a chance to sit down and look at my movie list at home... hahaha! :))

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