Wednesday, December 14, 2011

NC16: Dream House

If you've  been reading my posts, one of my goals is to get rich. I know, sounds a bit obnoxious, annoying, even irritating. You've probably heard it over and over. Things like:  "I've been poor all my life and I don't want to be poor again".

I won't bore you into details but I do want to get rich. Rich in the sense that I live comfortably, able to retire early, have fun at what I do, have a beautiful house with my wonderful family and basically, have a comfortable, well-off life. (Still sound annoying).

If I were to  have a house, I can say that, right now, I just want something where I can be comfortable, have a work room, a room for my baby/ies, etc. where everyone can fit in.

I feel like I'm an organized person (when it comes to things). I want things in order. Living space will be provided.

I guess it all comes down to furniture. That's what I like more than the dream house. I can honestly say that I want a swimming pool but I can't afford it, so I would probably get myself a great, solid furniture, aside from the house.

In case you're wondering what furniture I like. Here's a brief description. My furniture may not be like these but I want something similar.. hahaha! :)

Hope I get to have one of these or I hope my husband can make me one.. hahaha! :))

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