Wednesday, December 21, 2011

NC19: Something you miss...

There are a lot of things I miss. Being in a foreign land, I can't help but compare my home country to the place I currently consider my home. There are a lot of things in the Philippines that I never get to do in here in the mideast, particularly here in Oman.

What I miss in the Philippines?

Street foods - siomai, fishball, squidballs, tukneneng, kwek-kwek, kikiam... although mideast has coffee, mishkak, and shawarmas everywhere, I would still love to see and eat the familiar street foods of 'pinas. It's just not the same.

Malls - The Philippines has 3 of the largest malls in the world (and apparently, still growing). People may not have enough money to buy what the boutique shops in the mall offers, but they love to go out and do some window shopping. It can be relaxing.

Bargain Centers and Shops - I haven't enhanced my bargaining skills and to think that mideast also has bargain shops, I often reminisce the expansive bargain shops in the biggest bargain center in 'Pinas. Why? It has so much variety. You can pretty much find everything there at a wholesale price.

Trains and Mass Transports - I miss the jeep. I miss the MRT. Been to Dubai recently and they have the MRT operational now. I was so excited to see and ride the train again.

The Early Christmas Spirit - as soon as the first "ber" month arrive (September, October, November, December), expect Christmas Trees to be set-up as early as that. It is the most celebrated holiday in the Philippines. Being in a Muslim country, it is not the same. Oman now are cheerful and open-minded about the Christmas holiday. They like it. But it's not the same. I love the carols.

Should I be given an opportunity to work some place else, or go back to the Philippines, there are also several things that I will miss about Oman. What I will miss in Oman?

The Vast Shoreline (Beaches) - I have never lived so close to the beach and it is really accessible. I love the calmness the beach brings even if it just the view.

The Cleanliness - According to the Survey, Oman is one of the cleanliest countries in the world. I wouldn't be surprised. It is true. They have practiced the cleanliness and have beautify the place entirely. I admire this place for that.

The Cliffs and the Mountains - You may not appreciate a Rocky Mountain (and when I say rocky, it really is just a rock mountain), no trees, no greenery, but you'll love the rocky mountains and cliffs of Oman.

The Laid-back Lifestyle - When you work, you do work hard. But after working hours, you just need to relax and chill-out, play a little and bond with friends. That's the life. You know how to work and play.

Driving in the wide and open road - No toll fees... Yet! Oman has huge roads (I mean, huge) and no traffic jams yet. Traffic jams are usually caused by the road-widening projects and road traffic accidents... People are really nosy.

I consider Oman my home and I love it here. But then again, I always know that eventually, my home will still remain in the Philippines, where my heart truly lies.

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