Saturday, December 24, 2011

NC20: Nicknames

Have you ever had nicknames? I don't. I am not actually fond of nicknames nor pet names. But my username is actually a pet name for me... anyway, that's another story.

I never had a nickname because when my friends try, I ignore them. I don't look even when they are already calling me... hahaha! Nicknames aren't my thing.

So I'll just look at the transitions of nicknames, at least in the Philippines:

1.  Shortened names - it is a portion of the girl / guy's name. Well, it isn't just in the Philippines, it is common everywhere. Example, Benjamin "Ben", Josephine "Jo" or "Josie"... you get what I mean.

2.  Repeat names - It is actually a syllable of a girl / guy's name that you repeat. For example, Antonio "Ton-Ton", Christine "Tin-Tin"

3.  The "H" phenomenon - This is when you add an "H" in your name, used as nickname.  For example, Lito "Litoh", Kasey "Khasey", Bebe ko "Bebekoh or Bebeh ko"

4.  It's a "Ski" thing - We add ski to our names. For example, Bong "Bongski", Tony "Tonyski"

5.  Based on appearance - Well, we are nasty when it comes to nicknames. We can be awfully cruel. It was when we were young we often give nicknames.
For examples (I hope I don't offend anyone):
-  Crooked teeth - Sungki
-  Fair skinned - Puti
-  Vertically challenged - pandak / pandakekok, punggok, short
Well, I know you understand me.. hahahaha!: ))

I guess nicknames are okay as long as it is harmless and the person you're giving nicknames is pretty much okay with it. But don't be cruel and keep everything in check. The person with nickname may seem okay, but they're probably hurt with what you say. Just be sensitive... not like me. :P

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