Monday, December 19, 2011

NC17: Something you're looking forward to...

We all need something to look forward to. It gives us a sense of achievement and fulfillment. It motivates us to prepare, to work hard and achieve our goals. It also gives us direction. We all need it.

Anyway, what do I look forward to for the new year? I got a lot. My New Year's Resolution ended up being a Bucket list (LOL!) but at least, I have a goal and something to keep me occupied.

In no particular order, my goals:


1.  Learn to play an instrument.


I had piano lessons before but discontinued it. Never really thought it would be handy someday. I wish I could do it again. We have keyboard at home, but never use it. I've learned how to read notes though, so I want to enhance it and learn to play more.

Another thing I consider is learning to play guitar... I feel this is easier plus, I can take it anywhere.

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2.  Take up photography lessons.

I got myself a new dSLR camera and was dying to find out how to use it. I've been reading the manual for its specification. Reading even more on how to finally capture the life in pictures.

I guess if it is beautiful for you, someone will appreciate it. There are lessons and stories behind every picture and I want to impart that lessons to everyone, including myself.

3.  Master's Degree or Further Education

I know... It all seems like a never-ending phase of studying. While others can't wait to get out of college or school and learn a thing or two of the real life, I want to go back instead. I just feel that there are more opportunities for me if I get further education. Plus, I can impart some of what I've learned by teaching others, which I can do with few teaching units offered while doing Master's. So we'll see how it goes. Do I still need it or not?


1.  Tablets / iPad (not on my list) / Samsung Galaxy Tab

Been into blogging, article writing and photography. I must say, I need to be prepared all the time, just in case I bumped into prospective clients. This will definitely come in handy and I can give them my portfolio anytime.


1.  Own a Home.
Something I have been blabbing about here in my blog. I've always wanted to buy a home but never pursued it yet. Hmmm.. I hope I get to do it before I leave Oman (if I ever...).

2.  Establish a school (language, tutoring or adult educational school) with a friend.
I hope he is still interested because if he is, I might take his word for it and establish a tutoring service first and we'll go from there.

3.  Establish my own business.
I had established one before, never got to the level I wanted but it was exciting and exhilarating. I guess, I need that again.

4.  Teach.
One of the reasons why I wanted to pursue Master's. I eventually want to impart something in the world by teaching others.

5.  Get married and have a family.
It will be eventually. All I need to do is wait. :)

Hope I get to do it soon. Will keep you posted. :)

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