Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 01: Something to look forward to this year

Not really into the details but i like setting goals. It gives me direction. It may not be fun for someone or would probably back people off from me because I often take things seriously. But I like that I have direction. I like that I have purpose and I like that I seem to have control over everything.

Anyway, this year, got to get things started and pursue my goals... my other goals. Besides writing of course. I like writing but I do not know where to start and what my niche is. So until I figure that out, better get the ball rolling.

My goals this year:
  • Travel. Go back to Thailand and Singapore or go to Malaysia and Hongkong or tour around the country. If I have the means, why not US?
  • Apply for a full-time writing job online or full-time teaching job (if applicable)
  • Hmmm... dilemma, should i pursue migration or buy a house and lot?
  • Extensively improve my writing skills and if i get the chance, enhance my teaching skills as well... LOL! :))
  • Get my Driver's License... (already have)
  • Get my own car.. ?! hmmmm.....?
 I do hope i get the chance to do everything within this year. If I don't, i have to achieve most of it at least. I know I can't do everything but will certainly be hopeful to do something. Being optimistic here... Cross my fingers and pray that it will all be in God's hands and bless all of it. :)

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