Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 07: Typical Day at work (Vacation Hiatus)

I’m not in the mood today. I actually don’t feel like working. Getting a bit worked up about what happened to me this morning. I just started driving. And I know people mean well, but I can’t help but get mad when people are actually telling me how to drive while I’m driving. Don’t I get to make my own decisions?

And this isn’t work. Not yet. I haven’t even arrived at the office yet. The day just got started. My boss isn’t around so I get to goof off for a while. But then, our system is down and the internet is so slow. What could possibly go wrong this time?

I am not looking forward till the end of the day. This is not my typical day at work. I wasn’t planning to start my day with dynamite, and I hate that I get worked up at the start of the day.

I need to calm myself down, relax and be positive at least until I get the day done.  I need to think about happy thoughts and soothing sceneries and songs. I really need to calm down. I can’t help but rant everything here in blog.

At least now, I get to read something. Add knowledge. Not write for after this, and only when I feel like it. Listening to the latest tracks saved in my computer. And then, just then, will I be okay until the end of the day. I still look forward for the activities which I get to do today. I just hope I forgot all about the rant and just keep myself busy.

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