Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 08: Typical Day at home during vacation (Vacation Hiatus)

I only go home once a year, for a full month. I know it is not exactly ideal. I get bored at work sometimes and I always look forward for vacation.

Before my vacation, I make a plan of projects to be achieved while at home. Often, it is a venture, either looking for earning possibilities or a trip to go to. The first time I went home, I planned to invest. So I went and looked for mutual funds and other investment instruments. I saw couple of instruments that are worthy to invest into, so that’s what I did.

The previous year, I went and study abroad for a teaching course. I spent most of my vacation days there, more than what I have at home. It is worth it. Well, worth the time.

But typically, I am not in pursuit of the projects I intend to do. I often spend my time in the mall.  Not to go and splurge, more of just window shopping. It has always been hot and humid in our place, and we wanted to cool off. So we spend hours in the mall just to get a bit of coolness coming from the centralized mall air-conditioners.

If not, we would go to the resort, walking distance from our place and bask in the coolness as the water enticed us. I would love to go back and get into the pool again with a new me. I wish I can swim.  Hahaha! :)

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