Monday, March 28, 2011

Day 21: Write about your best friend (not significant other) and what makes them special

I rarely have friends. It is not hard for me to meet people. In fact, people are drawn to me. But only few would I consider my best friends, those that I share my secrets, whom I can always be myself and who could actually ride on my tantrums.

A few years ago, I chose not to open up with people I just met. People drawn to me find it easy for them to open up to me even with their inner most feelings. Unfortunately for me, it is not that easy. I chose not to open up, I chose to be quiet. So I truly value my best friends’ friendship and I intend to make our relationship lasts.

I cannot write what their names are but just a description of them.

  1. My college friends and ‘pinas friends. Regardless of what group you belong to, once in the classroom, we are one big “barkada” – friends. We are all close and still in contact with each other. Some, I have lost touch with but others, oh yeah… still in contact. These friends of mine have been with me through the darkest days. They may not know it but they have always made my day. 2 of them are those that I treasure the most. I miss them and I love spending time with them.
  1. Oman friends. Some have just been formed and from different nationalities. I love hanging around with them and I can be myself with them. I hope I get my message across. I do consider them special and that I will always treasure their friendship. I thank God for introducing us.
  1. Phuket friends. We may not have spent incredible amount of time but I have loved the times we spend with each other. I really wish we will meet again.

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