Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 04: Something that is part of your routine that you enjoy

Part of my routine that I enjoy is internet browsing. It might be boring for others but I learn so much on the internet.  Internet browsing may not be for everyone but it is to me.

Not everyone knows that I’m introvert. I like being myself most of the time and if I ever get the itch to go somewhere, I just go. Well, I still need to plan them.  It must be the fear of losing control that made me want to be alone.  I always think that if you want something done right, do it yourself. Haha!

While browsing, I get to do free online courses and I’ve done several.  Some of which offers certificate courses, again for free. I get to enhance my writing skills by writing everyday. I also browse the internet all day, and get in touch with friends and families all over the world. Some of which I just met, while others have been part of my life since I was young.

Internet has been an integral part of my day. I feel like an addict on withdrawal because of too much internet browsing in my system.  I feel I can’t survive without browsing.  I like also like the idea that I can go on with my day without going through the internet. I hope I can do that.

But now, I am really dependent on the internet for work and other services. I just can’t see the day without it. Eventually, I have to learn that the world does not end even when there’s no internet. Things will be a lot slower though, but we can survive!

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