Friday, March 25, 2011

Day 18: Someone you met randomly that's made an impact in your life

As you may have read, I am not much of an outgoing person. I would love to go travelling but it seems I enjoy being alone more than going outdoors. Having said that, there are few people I randomly met that made an impact in my life.

I do not get too close to people easily and I do not open up to them right away. I do not talk about my feelings. I do not know how to express them either. I just know that I have to let it out somehow. That may be the reason I write.

Anyway, as for the people I have met, they probably are the people I met in Thailand and had become my friends. I never expected to get close to them or had an instant connection with any of them. But we all got along just fine and we seemed to have known each other like forever. I never had a connection like that even with my classmates.

I do like the feeling of having friends from different places. It may not be as close as to what I have with my really, really close best friends, but it could develop to that if I let it. I thought I would be left out, an outcast. But they embraced my uniqueness and I do accept their uniqueness too. It is what got us interested with each other and what connected us.

Not being in my own country is scary. These people also felt what I have felt. Our connection made me feel that I belong and that they will be my friends. It may not be for a long time but I do know we are still going to be friends. J

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