Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 22: Describe a dark/turbulent moment in your life

I have my share of dark times and believe me, I sometimes just want to scream out loud and cry out to God to deliver me to such darkness. I am not a negative person nor am I a positive. But I try to be an optimist. I try to see the bright side to everything.

I try to forget the turbulent moments in my life. I do not even want to talk about it. I find that I do not want to dwell in the past yet I still live them. I just feel that past is something to be left behind. Learn your lesson and move on.

I believe the turbulence I have experienced is not the darkest. I actually think that if there is, it something that will be in the future. I just think that whatever I have, whatever happened to me, and whatever will happen to me, God is there.

I got through everything because of the strength He has given me and all that will happen to me, He will still be in control. I believe that God has made everything in my life easy. God made it easy and He will never give us problem we cannot solve. All we have to do is pray for His guidance and let everything fall into place.

I have cried out so many times. I have even probably have given up in certain problems. But problems are there to mold us. I guess no matter how I ignore, problems will still be there unless you face them. And it is with God that I was able to overcome all of my problems and all of my future problems.

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