Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 13: Discuss some of the things on your bucket list

I try to keep my goals as simple and as realistic as possible. If I were to make a bucket list, I can honestly say I will not be able to do some of it. Like in the previous posts, I wanted to be brave. So I will try the extremes. I would like to do bungee jumping (which I almost did in Thailand. Unfortunately, none of my friends want to accompany me… They are all scared of heights). I also want to do banana boat ride, parasailing, go-cart racing, travel solo (country-hopping) and most of all be successful.

I know the last one is broad. I really do not know what to do to be successful but I am trying to do whatever I can now. I do not know exactly what career to take but life is full of trials and errors. So this career did not work out for me, maybe I can do better in another one. That is basically how I see things.

I always look on the bright side. I say that failures are actually little triumphs. Without failures, how will we know if the thing we chase is good for us or not. Our characters are shaped with failures. I do not consider them failures anymore. I always see the big picture. Everything I have done so far has brought me to a better and new me. I see the lessons each trials and mishaps bring.

I will try my best to achieve everything in my bucket list, one at a time. My bucket list so far is half full (or half empty). And I believe it will never be full.

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