Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Day 09: Typical Day at home when not in vacation (Vacation Hiatus)

I never really like the great outdoors. I do appreciate a good scene and a camp-out once in a while. But I do not intend to be on a camping trip for a week or more than 3 days. Overnight camping is fine for me. I have so many concerns when it comes to going out.

In short, I am not really the most outgoing person. It may not seem like that, cause for someone who does not go out that much, I know too much about the great outdoors. I think I can survive a day or two outside our place. But my biggest concern whenever I go out is the toilet. I mean, where can I go?

That is why most of my times are spent at home. I may not look like someone who loves to be by herself most of the time, but I kind of do. I embraced my introverted-ness, as my friend said. I actually love being alone…sometimes. I do want to go out and meet people, I also do. I can be comfortable in a crowd yet be intimate with few close friends.

(Typically, I mean on a regular basis) At home, I often just watch TV. When I get tired of watching or if there is nothing good on, I put on DVDs which I watched over and over until I memorized the dialogues. I still make time to write and to read. Mostly, I read blogs. But if I feel like it and I get the chance, I read ebooks and books. I have several of it at home, believe it or not.

I can cook, but not fond of cooking. I do manage to do some chores and I may not be good at it, but the place seems clean to me. I like to put things in their places. I like to organize, but not at home. My mom does that job.

But I know that living by myself would not sound bad for me. I just knew deep down I can survive and I know I will do well. I think I am ready to be on my own. :)

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