Thursday, March 17, 2011

Day 10: Something at which you've been a champion or the best

I like so many things and I want to be good at all of it. I obviously cannot do everything, but in everything I do, I always do my best. I do not have anything particular that I can say I am really good at. I just know that I intend to make everything I do look good and be at my best.

Like what I wrote in one of my blogs, “In everything I do, I always do my best, even if it is something I do not like. Why? Because it reflects me. I like pretty things, being organized and being in control. I always want to be perceived as someone who knows what to do and do it best. You do not have to love your job, you just have to love yourself.”

It is not easy though. I really cannot think of something I am really good at. I am the best at. I have never been a champion of anything at school. I just know I have good grades. I like math but then again, not everyone like it and there are people who are better at it than me.

I feel I do not have to be good at everything, but be the best at one thing. I have not found that niche yet. Right now, I am just putting my focus on writing. I may not win writing contests or Pulitzer price. I just want to be good at something. In the end, I do not have to say to myself, “what if?” because I tried it. I may fail, but at least I tried.

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