Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 23: Describe a truly spiritual moment in your life

Everyday is a spiritual moment for me. I know it is a cliché but that is how I feel. Everyday is a blessing. I may not realize it at that moment but it is. The fact that you are still breathing, alive, awake… it is a blessing and spiritual.

I have come to know God at a very early age. I may not have taken it seriously then but at least I come to know that God existed. Like I said in my previous posts, the fact that someone cares for you and would protect you from anything, would not harm you and will always be there for you, that is how God is introduced to me.

That God loves children… which He does, even those who are in their second childhood… LOL!

I have realized how important God’s role in my life is, when I was in college. We were left on our own. We were not abandoned but we just need to be. God has been in control. If not, we would have been astray for a very long time.

Although we were on our own, we have managed to finish our studies, find descent jobs and have made a career. All of us have eventually come together as a family and still is until now.

It may seem immature when a grown up still lives with his/her family but that is practically normal for us. And eventhough sometimes your family gets in your nerves, it has brought us closer. And above all, God is still in control.

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