Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 16: A Book You've Read that Changed your views on something

I am not really bookish. I am not fond of reading but I do read once in a while. And more often than not, I read mostly financial and business books. I do read fiction but not as often as I want to. Basically, I learn more reading non-fiction business and financial books than fiction, for obvious reasons.

I have a background in business and finance, so it is inevitable that I like to read those that I can understand. Fiction for me is something I read for entertainment purposes and should not be taken seriously. I am not fond of self help books too. I do not want to be compartmentalized into something that I know I am not.

If there is a book that I would say shook my belief and views of something, it is the Bible. I guess not many people read it and I have to admit that I do not read them as often as I should. It shakes my beliefs and I feel such a sinner, that I am not worthy.

I see my inequities and that is probably why I do not read it as often as I should. But since the word of God is unchanging, I hang on to His promises which are in the Bible. Those I see as good, where actually bad. And the truth is, we can live fruitfully with God by our side.

Everyone seems to think that if you want to serve God, you should be poor. It is not necessarily poor financially, but for me, what it meant is that we need to keep longing for God’s presence in us and hunger for His word and promises, poor in heart for His blessings and provisions. That is what I understood.

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